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The YDA, Lincolnshire Youth Association is a not-for-profit organisation working to enable young people and organisations to participate, develop and achieve. We aim to do this by offering a variety of activities that will engage and empower young people and by capacity building the organisations that work with them. We are thesuccessor to The Lincolnshire Association of Youth Clubs and support the development of Youth Clubs in the County.

We also support a network of voluntary youth organisations in their work with children and young people and work with European partners and regional and county associations in other countries and parts of the United Kingdom on a variety of projects.

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If you are a computer geek you may love your wordpress or more complex site - these you will find in our linked sites through Young Lincolnshire and our national partners however the purpose of the LYA site is to provide very straitforward contacts for young people and those in youth services without the need for additional costly services.

We are a not-for-profit youth and community work organisation.

We hope you enjoy our website, and look forward to welcoming you in Lincoln soon. 

 NCS powered by Essex Boys and Girls Clubs

      OR 07825 035952  OR 01522 720789 NOW!

National Citizen Service

For 16-17 year oflds


How old do I have to be to do NCS?

NCS is available to young people in England aged 16 or 17. A participant must not be 18 during any part of a residential phase, including travel days. 

Spring half-term programmes
You must be 16 or 17 on 31st August of the previous calendar year.

Summer holiday programmes 
You must be 16 or 17 on 31st August of the same calendar year. Note that this means young people who are 15 may
attend summer programmes, providing they turn 16 on or before 31st August
that year.

Autumn half-term programmes
You must be 16 or 17 on 31st August of the same calendar year.


Wondering what to take?

If you're signed up we'll send you a Welcome Pack, 

In the meantime, here's our sample kit list for the Phase 1 residential:


NCS gives young people the chance to learn important skills, give back to the community and achieve recognisable accreditation at the same time. And it's great FUN!

Lincolnshire Youth Association works with Lincolnshire Boys and Girls Clubs and our partners in Young Lincolnshire, LCVYS and Discover Volunteering  and Essex Boys and Girls Clubs to run NCS Pathfinder programmes in Lincolnshire, so wherever you live in the county, you can sign up to do NCS.

If you are or will soon be aged 16 - 17, NCS is a once in a lifetime experience.

Along with thousands of other people your age, you’ll take part in different outdoor activities, develop skills you didn’t even know you had, learn new things, help your local community and best of all make a load of new friends. You’ll also be given the opportunity to create a project you really care about and bring it to life in your local area.  Have a look at what some of the guys got up to this Summer by checking out the NCS Facebook pages.

How does it work?

Away Residential
With NCS you’ll live with your team at an NCS site for a short period. While you’re there you’ll take part in a range of activities, learn loads about yourself and make new friends. At the end, you and your team head home to help out in your local community.

Skills Building
A huge part of your NCS experience is developing and growing your skills, but the coolest part is that you’ll have the opportunity to put them into practice when you take on projects in your community.

Social Action

Here's where you get to help your local community, practicing good citizenship by choosing a good cause to support and giving your time as a team to make a real difference.

Celebration Event
At the end of it all, celebrate at an event where you’ll be recognised for your achievements and even get a certificate signed by the Prime Minister. It doesn’t stop there though. As a graduate you'll have access to loads of other opportunities and the chance to venture overseas with the International Citizen Service.

Or click here to say 'yes' to get involved and make a real difference >


Below is an example of one team in Essex NOW THINK WHAT WE CAN DO IN LINCOLNSHIRE. 
Here's what they got up to...


  • UK Youth is a leading national charity. We support young people through a range of innovative programmes to gain life-skills that build confidence, resilience and make them more employable. What we do enables young people to develop the tools they need for life, work and a better future.


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